Virgin Mobile

Working on this project, Virgin Mobile outlined the attributes of their company culture that they wanted reflected in the office design. They were seeking an office space where their people were easy to access, collaborate, encourage entrepreneurial thinking, and have fun.  All workspaces access windows for both daylight and sweeping views of downtown from the 24th floor. The collaboration stations were outfitted with cutting-edge technology and glass-marker boards to easily share and express ideas. The open floorplan and workspaces, including the meeting rooms and collaboration stations allows for everyone to be seen and heard. The conference rooms have glass walls and doors to observe each other working, creating and pitching new ideas. The kitchen area doubles as a place for the staff to both eat and unwind with panoramic views and a layout that accommodates large gathering.

Great Range Capital

GastingerWalker& was hired to be the tenant representative on a turn-key lease project to review the work and options provided by the building architect and ensure the scope of work was in line with the agreement of a “Class A” build-out.

The team coordinated with the building architect, Piper-Wind Architects. Design development drawings and construction documents were reviewed and given comments for the suite interior. Options for creative design elements were provided and implemented. Ceiling designs were refined, including final locations of ceiling clouds and the structure was exposed. A wood plank element was added in the reception area and conference room. 

In addition, furniture package was provided for the entire suite, including a custom-made conference table, custom desks, and credenzas.  We aided in the coordination of photography, art and framing for the entire suite.

Docs Who Care

Docs Who Care wanted to give their employees a professional, but fun and energetic place to work, as they are all long-time employees and treated like family.  To answer this, we had fun with creating angled office walls and open ceiling features, as well as a lot of glass-fronts to be able to see daylight from one side of their office building to the other.  The rich woods and brick features dress up the space and add texture and contrast throughout.

Edison Spaces

Thomas Edison was the inspiration for the design and industrial lab environment materials such as concrete floors, ceilings that are open to deck, brick and wood wall features, and Edison style lightbulbs are used throughout

The concept behind Edison Spaces is an office that leases small interior suites to startup companies on a monthly basis. The structural deck and exposed metal columns were painted black for a vintage industrial accent trim.

Open areas are communal spaces for sub-tenants to share, including conferencing rooms, open collaboration spaces, printing room and break room. Space and design challenges included creating a welcoming entry and impressive common areas that would be inviting to both existing and potential sub-tenants to lease.

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