Treadwell Jones

Treadwell Jones



Treadwell Jones has been creating innovative projects since 1994. While working throughout Europe and the United States, he has developed designs and managed construction of natatoriums, world-class water parks, community pools, office and industrial buildings. As project manager, designer and contractor, he has worked directly with owners, operators and stakeholders to optimize designs and budgets to produce the best value to the both the client and their guests. He enjoys working directly with user groups, architects, consultants and community leaders to develop unique and exciting leisure facilities that will meet the need of generations to come.  

on a personal note....

Treadwell’s favorite city in the world is Utrecht in the Netherlands, where he says there is a bar seat that has his name on it. All he ever wanted to do was make the world a better place, so he chose to be a designer. His favorite hobby is his work.