Sommer Reece

Sommer Reece-Farrier


Senior Associate

Sommer works with corporate clients all over the country. Her projects range from small office remodels to multi-million dollar headquarters.  She enjoys getting to know clients through the programming process and feels it’s important to gain a deep understanding of users’ culture and job function in order to provide a space tailored to their needs.  Translating that understanding into a lively, sophisticated, flexible, and highly functional work environment is what she enjoys most about the design process.  Sommer has the goal of making each of her clients a repeat client, and has been very successful!

on a personal note...

As a child, Sommer watched ‘This Old House’ religiously and it got her started on understanding all that goes into design and construction. She is a huge Chiefs and Royals fan and loves history, tennis, golf, bike riding and hiking with her family.