Rhonda Pearlman

Rhonda Pearlman



Rhonda brings a critical eye to the design process understanding how each piece fits together. She deftly coordinates and manages the numerous consultants as well as all the issues that arise throughout the design process. Her positive outlook motivates her team members even during stressful times and her clients appreciate the can-do attitude. Inspired by finding new and creative ways to reuse furniture in her home she brings a passion to adaptive reuse and renovation projects. The artistic side of Rhonda usually has her immersed with pencil or water color renderings, though it is her children’s artwork that covers her refrigerator.

on a personal note...

Florence, Italy is Rhonda’s favorite city. Mother Nature inspires her design because ‘she never fails to produce something new and interesting.’ Rhonda loves spending time with her kids and being outside, especially going on camping trips.