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Regan Romero



Regan’s desire to develop and create unique and practical palettes stem from her experience as a residential designer. Gaining most of her experience working for custom home builders and interior designers on the North Shore and in the city of Chicago, she is passionate about incorporating rich textures and colors while preserving the building’s character. She believes good design is personal and timeless and starts with creating a relationship and fully understanding the client’s needs. Regan has worked on a variety of projects ranging from small tenant improvements and renovations to complete new construction buildings. 

on a personal note...

Following graduation from college in 2015, Regan traveled to Goa, India to study Ashtanga yoga. Upon returning to the states with a yoga teaching certification, Regan moved to Chicago where she spent the next four years.  Between working for high-end interior designers and custom home builders, Regan extended her creativity through teaching and performing aerial silks.  On the weekends, Regan enjoys going for motorcycle rides with her husband on his vintage 1976 Honda, tending to her garden, and brewing homemade kombucha.