Mike Fahey

Mike Fahey




Mike’s passion for architecture stems from his belief that the quality of one’s environment has a profound impact on the quality of their life and their work. Throughout his career working both domestic and abroad, his favorite projects have been those that inspire social action and change. Mike has worked on projects ranging from a 430 SF residence in rural Wisconsin to an 8,000,000 SF mixed-use development in China.  He believes that both consciously and subconsciously, architecture should nurture, educate and inspire those who encounter it. 

on a personal note....

Mike was exposed to design and building at a young age. He worked on home improvement projects with his dad and built lots and lots of tree forts. In the last six years, Mike has lived in 4 countries and 8 cities. Mike loves KC for many reasons - great professional sports franchises, several nearby colleges with passionate fan bases, a burgeoning culinary scene, multiple thriving nightlife districts, and world class museums and performance arts venues.