Megan Ryken

Megan Ryken



Megan listens to all ideas and opinions in order to produce the best solution. Her strategy is to produce several ideas and winnow them down to the best solution. She is a team player – she appreciates collaboration with team members for their advice and design sense and loves to mentor. Megan has a great eye for color and material palettes enabling her to create client-pleasing interior finish schemes. Budget is constantly on her mind throughout the design process which leads to projects being built on time and on budget. She is very detailed, allowing her to catch discrepancies and ask questions that others don’t see.

on a personal note...

Growing up, Megan loved to color and enjoyed drawing buildings. When she was visiting K-State, she ran into an interior architect student that told her she wanted to use markers and colors in design she should go into the interior architecture program – so she did! Megan loves KC because it feels like the next Austin or Portland. Her wide array of hobbies are: roller derby, utilizing her brown belt in Kenpo Karate, jigsaw puzzles and rock climbing.