Matt Graham

Matt Graham




Demonstrating a passion for sensible design and simplicity, Matt is drawn to the beauty of natural and raw materials.  Matt feels that an uncomplicated piece of concrete or steel can still be beautiful. Utilizing this simplistic approach to project management and leadership Matt fosters collaboration between all members involved on a project, including clients, designers, and contractors.  When the project is a success, the whole team wins. Matt has worked on a variety of project types for an eclectic group of clients.  This includes higher education, historic preservation, mixed-use/commercial, and healthcare work.

on a personal note...

Matt’s favorite place in Kansas City is driving down Ward Parkway towards the Plaza – although he drives it daily, he’s always spotting something new or viewing something in a new light. Matt is a trout fisherman, plays the drums, and is currently renovating his 1950’s mid-century mod house.