Lynn Skowronski

Lynn Skowronski


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Lynn is a responsible, passionate, and curious problem solver comfortable with all creative and technical phases of the design process. As a well-organized and detail-oriented designer, Lynn strives to promote health, safety, and wellness in our communities. Lynn’s multidisciplinary experience and excellent communication
make her adept at teamwork and collaboration.

on a personal note....

From an early age, Lynn has always enjoyed most getting ‘lost’ in worlds and perspectives different from her own. Sometimes this means spending all day in a single museum, and sometimes it means realizing she just spent half hour watching the meerkats at the zoo. She is happiest when chatting about life with friends and family (preferably over a relaxing meal or cup of coffee) and spending time outside with her husband and shepard mix, Toby. Any day with a good amount of laughter and sun is a good day.