Linda Alouane

Linda Alouane


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Linda is passionate about creating projects that will last over time and evolve with people using each space. She has experience with small and large scale projects in both Europe and the United States; where she has worked in the residential, education, corporate, commercial and entertainment sectors. Linda is knowledgeable when it comes to standards for metric and imperial projects and as a French native she brings a different point of view to any given situation or projects. Linda designs her projects to help enhance surrounding neighborhoods as well as the lives of the people using them.

On a personal note...

It might sound cliche because she's French, but Linda always has a craving for chocolate, cheese and croissants. Linda enjoys the variety of districts and architecture in Kansas City, where each area offers a distinct experience she's able to enjoy. Linda travels any chance she can get but when she's not travelling she works on improving her German and Arabic language skills.