Kylie Dixon

Kylie Dixon




Kylie believes strong communities are essential for better lives, and good design is what can get us there. This starts with a holistic approach that focuses on continual teamwork and integration of all disciplines in the design world. What she appreciates most about architecture is the combination of the technical and artistic aspects of design and its ability to drastically improve peoples’ lives. Kylie is passionate about working with people, both clients and fellow designers, in order to help transform abstract ideas into memorable and inhabitable spaces.

on a personal note....

Although Kylie is Oklahoma born and bred, she loves the food, people, and hometown pride of Kansas City. She is a history buff and minored in art history, and almost majored in anthropology. In her free time, you can find traveling and cooking. Her favorite trips are to the most remote places of the world – last Spring she hiked Machu Picchu.