Julia Lord

Julia Lord



Julia’s eagerness to learn and grow inspires her to take opportunities that will help cultivate her as a well-rounded designer. She has always been pulled toward design because of its capability to provide balance. She sees designing as the culmination of creative and technical thinking, community and personal connection, and physical and emotional expression. Julia brings her hardworking and positive mentality to every project resulting in innovative solutions which have won design competitions and scholarships. She would describe her personal design interest and experience to be influenced by her desire to be a “renaissance woman” because she genuinely enjoys working on a variety of project types while expanding her knowledge.

on a personal note...

Kansas City has always been home to Julia, so after graduating from Southern Illinois University, she knew exactly where she wanted to start her career. Julia incorporates her love of design into her personal life by painting, building, and any way of crafting where she can transform the ideas in her head into art. When she is not creating, she loves being outside, whether playing soccer or volleyball, hiking with friends or with her dogs or settling down with a book. She loves trying new things and traveling to new places.