Dan Nenonen

Dan Nenonen




Dan knows he’s done his job right when a client walks into a space and says it is better than they even imagined. His experience with managing projects that span multiple years has given him invaluable insight into how the design and systems of expansive buildings come together. Dan’s experience with historic renovation, office and healthcare clients includes the programming, design, and construction management of projects with budgets ranging from $200,000 to $70,000,000. Dan is adept at managing multiple projects, working with coordinating consultants, and has a great understanding of the documentation and construction required for a successful project.

on a personal note...

Dan has a goal to see all 59 National Parks and as many national monuments as possible – so far, he has been to about 1/3 that are currently operated. Growing up, Dan always liked to problem solve and play with Legos and create things. Years later, this intertwining of so many different pragmatic and creative avenues of pursuit led him to be an architect.