Canstruction 2015


Yesterday GastingerWalker& got the opportunity to compete in Kansas City’s Harvesters Canstruction event. Canstruction is design/build competition to canstruct a world without hunger. Teams of architects, engineers and contractors are given one day, only twelve hours, to build fantastic structures designed entirely out of canned and boxed foods. The food is then donated to local charities. This year, our theme was “CAN-PING in the national parks” What a blast! The GastingerWalker& team members were Dan Nenonen, Captain, Matt Gearheart, Mike Fahey, Amanda Neugebauer, Leslie Wright, Lillian Cooper, Melissa Brown, Matt Graham, Stacy Watson, Samantha McCloud, Erich Torneden and Nicole Luby. The exhibit can been seen at Oak Park Mall through February 23rd. If you would like to vote for our structure, vote for it