Capitol Federal Hall

Landscape Architect Talks About Capitol Federal Hall's Green Roof


The custom-built LiveRoof® green roof system at Capitol Federal Hall at The University of Kansas's new School of Business has taken shape. Teresa Nelson, landscape architect, discusses the complex process and environmental benefits of this 7,000 SF element of the new building.

LiveRoof is a patented, subterranean modular system that unites soil and plants creating a beautiful, meadow-like aesthetic. These green roofs provide numerous, significant environmental benefits: 
.    Reduces stormwater runoff by 50 – 90 percent
.    Lowers interior sound levels by as much as 40 decibels
.    Improves air filtration; one square foot of green roof can filter seven ounces of dust and smog per year. Plant photosynthesis also reduces greenhouse gases in the air
.    Increases roof life; soil and plants provide a protective barrier, along with a waterproof roof lining, to extend roof life by as much as 200-300 percent.