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Brian Bolten




Brian has worn several hats in his 23+ years of experience including: Lead Project Designer, Project Architect, Interior Architect and Project Manager. This variety of roles has allowed Brian to become well-versed in the execution of design. An experienced designer of a variety of building types, Brian is able to provide a well-rounded architectural perspective. Brian plays a key role in providing an insightful yet unique view toward the development of innovative design solutions for each of his clients. His willingness to take on a challenge while remaining open-minded to alternative solutions has contributed to the success of his projects. Having visionary skills as well as awareness of current trends, lighting solutions and building innovations allows Brian to continue to provide the best solution possible.

on a personal note....

Brian’s interest in art, design, and architecture began at a very early age and still motivates him today. He carries this passion with him when traveling, mainly related to the use and effect of light, texture, and its expression and experiential impact on space. When Brian isn’t thinking about architecture, he’s pushing the camera lens around capturing and sharing those experiences with his kids.