Bailey Barnhart

Bailey Barnhart



Bailey recently graduated from the University of Kansas with her Master of Architecture degree. For her graduate thesis on gentrification, she partnered with GastingerWalker& and Gensler as part of the KU Co-Op program which allows a group of students to gain firm experience while researching a relevant topic in the design field. While in school, she discovered her passion for creating an experience for people through design. Thinking about the function of a space and how people will interact with the design, she strives to create beautiful spaces that create a positive experience.

on a personal note...

Born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, Bailey has always felt a strong desire to add to the beauty of the city that inspired her to become a designer. With a real-estate developer father and a mother who had a passion for interior design, she grew up surrounded by design and construction and was always willing to jump in and help. This sparked her love for art and planning. When she is not helping her parents with a project, she enjoys exercising and painting.